DAB+ experiments, as received here @ SM0ITS QTH in JO89wj:
Thanks to a German software, designed by Andreas, I've been experimenting with reception of DAB+.
The DAB Player supports only sticks based on Realtek RTL2832 chip. These USB-sticks can be bought on eBay for less than 10 €. So give it a try!

USB DVB-T RTL-SDR Realtek RTL2832U & R820T Tuner Receiver Dongle PAL IEC Input D.

Three Muxes: Teracom Test, Riks DAB and SBS Discovery 1
Received: 2015-01-20

DAB-info: SBS Discovery 1

Station: SR P1 on Riks DAB on 12C = 227.360 MHz
Received: 2015-01-08

Slideshow: SR P1

Slideshow: Teracom Test

Slideshow: SR P4 Stockholm

DAB-Info: Analyze: Ensemble, FIC, MSC and Audio

SNR Info: Helpful with antenna alignment

Level meter: Linear or Logarithmic

SR Riks DAB: SR P1 received with sdr-j DAB(+)
Received: 2013-09-20

Teracom Test: Mix Megapol received with sdr-j DAB(+)
Received: 2013-09-20

Teracom test DAB+: SR P2 Musik
  AAC-LC @ 160 kbit/s

New name of the mux on 12D:
Bauer Media Group

Received: 2016-07-12

Channel search
Received: 2016-07-12

Station: Gamla Favoriter
NENT Group on 12D 229.072 MHz

Received: 2019-11-07

DAB and DAB+: received with DAB Radio Player

Info: DAB player

Station: Radio 107.5 received with Just radio
Received: 2015-02-21

Station: Gamla Favoriter
Received: 2019-12-07

Slide Show: Skärgårdsradion

Received: 2015-01-12

Slide Show: SR P2 Sommar

Received: 2015-05-25

Station: SR P2 Världen

mp2 @ 256 kbit/s
Received: 2015-10-05

The DAB Player supports only sticks based on

 Realtek RTL2832 chip.

  •  Treiber1.zip -> Only for Noxon-Stick (and other Sticks with E4000 or FC0012 / FC0013 Tuner chip)
  •     Treiber2.zip -> Only for Sticks mit R820T Tuner-chip
  •     Treiber3.zip -> Only for OEM-Versionen of Noxon
  •     Treiber4.zip -> For Sticks with R828D Tuner-chip
  •     Treiber5.zip -> Only for Cinergy T Stick RC
  •     Treiber6.zip -> Only for Terratec ran T Stick+


  • Please install the driver (Treiber) first (depending on which USB-Stick you have with RTL2832-Chip), then the Visual C++ Redistributable* and then the Program it self.
  • The software with drivers can be found here: Link
  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015: Download

    • A support forum can be found here: Link

Good luck with your DAB+ experiments!

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