Offshore station

Radio Syd

Radio Syd just before leaving the Swedish audience and the 
increasing danger of pack ice in Öresund. A couple of days 
later the ship, Cheeta II, showed up at the British coast. 
It would soon start as Radio Caroline South, as their ship 
the Mi Amigo had gone aground near Clacton-On-Sea. 

Piraterna på Öresund

50 år efter att Radio Syd stängde har en ny bok sett dagens ljus: Piraterna på Öresund.

A new book, in Swedish only, about Radio Syd which closed down 50 years ago (1966).

Radio Syd Pin

Pin Radio Syd Pin

Cheeta 2 Offshore station: Radio Syd
A visit on the radio ships used by Radio Syd, m/s Cheeta which eventually sank in Malmö harbor. Replaced by the much bigger Cheeta II. Pictures from 1964 and 1965 when TV transmissions started from the ship!

Radio Syd
                        nyheter Headline News: Radio Syd
A controversial station like Radio Syd was frequently featured in the press. Read articles and look at pictures from the Swedish newspapers.


  QSL: 1963

QSL from Radio Syd

QSL kort från
                    Radio Syd




Piratdrottningen Book: Piratdrottningen
The PIRATE QUEEN or as it is called in Swedish PIRATDROTTNINGEN. This is the fascinating book about Britt Wadner and her radio station Radio Syd. Written by her grandchild Fredric Karén.

Radio Syd -
                        Gambia The Gambia: Licensed station Britt Wadner, the owner of the offshore station Radio Syd, which closed down in January 1966, came to the Gambia. Here she got a license in 1969 to transmit from land. She started Radio Syd in May 1970.

Cheeta lost her anchor.

Cheeta Mercur på drift i Öresund februari 1962.

M/s Cheeta lost her anchor in February 1962.

Cheeta på drift i


Viva Britt
                        Wadner Record: Viva Britt Wadner
One of the employees at Radio Syd Lennart "Rock Chrichan" Christiansson made a record dedicated to his boss. Viva Britt Wadner was the title. The B-side Moss lilla Olof - which means "Good-bye little Olof". Little Olof is no other than minister of communication, Olof Palme.

Radio Syd
                        program Programs: Radio Syd in 1965
In 1965, Rolling Stones visited Radio Syd. Britt Wadner was sent to prison. Ice kept the station isolated for several weeks. Give a listen to some program extracts from Radio Syd.

Svenska tidnings-

Radio Syd & Radio Nord

Newspaper cuttings, in Swedish only, about Radio Syd and Radio Nord.