Radio Syd in 1964 & 1965
The offshore station Radio Syd (© OffshoreRadio 2013-10-28)

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The pictures in colour are from 1965
Most of the black and white pictures are from 1964!

An other view of Speedy leaving the Cheeta 2

TV cameras onboard Cheeta 2

TV monitors and other TV equipment

Lennart "Rock Chrichan" dealing with a Lyrec tape recorder

The TV studion onboard Cheeta 2

The FM Transmitter

Location of Tx and studio

To Christer from Britt Wadner


Britt Wadner onboard Cheeta 2

in April 1965

Britt Wadner at the "huge" wheel

Britt Wadner at the wheel on Cheeta 2

Britt Wadner on the bridge

Britt Wadner on the bridge

The recording studio on Kalendegatan in Malmö. Ragnar Landerholm and KG Alfe

Technician Olaf Schröder

The bridge on Cheeta 2

In the mess, with Britt Wadner and crew

Two men on the tender to and from Limhamn

Britt Wadner in the Malmö office

The controll room onboard Cheeta 2

The controll room onboard Cheata 2

Outside studio and controll room on Cheeta 2

Outside of the controll room and studio


Britt Wadner entering the Cheeta 2

The cabins are located behind these doors

Tender used by Radio Syd

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