Radio Syd in 1964 & 1965
The offshore station Radio Syd (© OffshoreRadio 2013-10-28)

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The pictures are © OffshoreRadio @ Photo: Christer Swede
Most of the black and white pictures are from 1964!

This will be the mast for the TV antennas

In the mess. Britt Wadner and crew

Britt Wadner "in controll"

The outside of the record library

Technician Åke Olsson in the controll room

The chef

Ingvar Hansson and Oscar C, the jazz producer

Cheeta 2

Cheeta 2

Cheeta 2

in April 1964

Radio Syd Pin

Soon Christmas 1965 on Cheeta 2

White hair or white beard?

The magazine Se # 49 from December 8, 1965

That looks nice!

Four candels for Christmas

A nice Christmas outfit

Too tall?

Dressed up for Christmas

The ship Cheeta 2 needs to be tidy

The end of Cheeta October 7, 1964


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