Radio Syd Gambia 2003/2004

Radio Syd started on 909 kHz on May 7th 1970. The station was run by Britt Wadner´s daughter Conny Wadner-Enhörning. The station came off the air when the main mast collapsed during a storm, damaging the roof of the station. Date? September 11th, 2001!
Pictures taken by
Steve from the UK during his visits in 2003 and 2004. Thanks Steve!

Main transmitter @ 909 kHz - 329 m

This picture shows the station as found in 2003, note the dog walking towards the remains of the mast
This is how the buildings were in 2004, note the reclaimed beach

Steve continues: "Connie (Radio Syd) had a long running legal battle with the owners of Radio Sud an FM station. Connie always said they chose the name Radio Sud to exploit the name of Radio Syd. The legal battle never appeared to achieve anything except make the lawyers money.

Connie was delighted to tell us that the Gambian government had closed down Radio Sud and revoked their licence for making a derogatory broadcast about the president of Senegal.

I used to enjoy listening to the news on Radio Syd, especially Bennie starting with "Good morning The Gambia, Bonjour Senegal"


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