Radio Syd Gambia Connie in front of Radio Syd HQ  

Britt Wadner, the owner of the offshore station Radio Syd, which closed down in January 1966, came to Gambia. Here in Gambia she got a license in 1969 to transmit from land. She started Radio Syd on 909 kHz on May 7th 1970. Today the station is run by her daughter Conny Wadner-Enhörning. The station uses the former stand-by transmitter from Radio Sweden in Hörby, it is capable of an output of 2.5 kW. A Marconi Tx acts as spare.

Radio Syd main Tx
Main transmitter @ 909 kHz - 2.5 kW  Note the "cooling system"!

Spare Tx Maja in the studio
Marconi spare Tx    Main studio, with Maja on the air

The open sea, which at one time gave protection to the station, when operating as an offshore station, is today it's biggest enemy! Because of massive erosion the piece of land where Radio Syd is situated, is decreasing every year. Today in March 1999, one of the concrete foundations for the AM tower, is almost situated in the ocean:

Almost an offshore station!

SW News

Collecting news from shortwave. Listening to Radio Sweden.

Not too far away from the studio complex are the remains of the Cheeta 2, once home of offshore Radio Syd:

Former Cheeta 2 - now a wreck

All pictures, except the wreck, Copyright March 1999 by my old friend and globetrotter CES.

Thanks to Hans Knot for correcting the picture of the wreck! This is my former picture of the wreck. Any comments or views are welcome!

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