Mrs Britt Wadner *    Mrs. Britt Wadner on Cheeta II in Spain

Radio Syd's Pirate Queen once broadcasting from Öresund, to Sweden, is now running a restaurant in the Cheeta II, her second ship. She took the Cheeta II to Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands first of all, where the picture was taken. But now it is in Bathurst Harbour in Gambia. There is a discoteque on board, and they say Britt herself is a good cook! The Cheeta II was used as a temporary Caroline South in 1966, after the Mi Amigo run aground. It has a very distinctive appearance, with a double railing at the blunt end where there are two open decks. Mrs Wadner broadcasts on land, on TV and Radio. She applied to run a station in Spain for Scandinavian tourists, but the Spaniards turned her down.

Pirate Radio News 6 1970

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