Pirate Queen says: I'll lend my ship     Mrs. Britt Wadner on Cheeta II

BLONDE pirate queen Britt Wadner last night came to the rescue of Radio Caroline South, whose ship was put out of action last week, Mrs. Wadner, who began Europe's original pirate radio station in Sweden more than seven years ago, will lend her own ship Cheetah II to the Caroline owners-free of charge. She said last night in London: “Cheetah is not operating at this time or the year due to climatic conditions around Sweden."


COMING with the £l5O,OOO ship - which has the world's first floating television station - will be a full crew and Mrs. Wadner's son, Carl Gustav, 25, and younger daughter, Connie, 20 - both disc jockeys. Mrs. Wadner herself works on the ship in Sweden as a disc jockey and air wave hostess. A true Viking lady, she has even served a month in jail for the sake of her station. Since 1962 ownership of a pirate broadcasting station has been illegal in Sweden. Advertisers on the Cheetah's air waves must pay a fine each time they broadcast. But she claims : “I am not running a pirate station. It's a private station."

Brittish newspaper from January 1966

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Please note that already in 1966 the name of the Radio Syd ship was misspelled. The correct names of her ships are: Cheeta and Cheeta II.