Mrs Britt Wadner *    Mrs. Britt Wadner on Cheeta II

It is with great sadness that we report the death of one of Europe’s offshore radio pioneers. Mrs. Britt Wadner died at 05.20 on Friday 13th March 1987 at her home in Bastad, Southern Sweden at the age of 72. In 1961 she was in charge of the Swedish programmes broadcast from Radio Mercur and later purchased their ship “Cheeta 1” to start her own station, Radio Syd. When Mercur's other ship “Cheeta 2” with superior broadcast equipment became available she bought this to replace the much smaller “Cheeta 1”. In January 1966 when Radio Caroline's “Mi Amigo” ran aground, the “Cheeta 2” was leased to Caroline until the "Mi Amigo” was repaired and returned to her duties in May. The “Cheeta 2” eventually sailed to Gambia in West Africa where it resumed broadcasting in Banjul harbor as Radio Syd. The station was granted a license and moved to studios on land, still in use today. The “Cheeta 2” was converted to a floating restaurant but eventually became unseaworthy and partially sank during a storm. Until her retirement a few years ago, Mrs. Britt Wadner and her family stayed in business in Gambia with among other things the successful Wadner Beach hotel. Mrs. Britt Wadner was jailed a number of times for offences relating to offshore broadcasting. But as Swedish law allows a prisoner to carry on their profession, Mrs. Wadner was able to record programmers in her cell in the Hinseberg prison.

OEM #66 June 1987

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