Record dedicated to Mrs Britt Wadner of Radio Syd

Viva Britt Wadner


The record Viva Britt Wadner is a dedication to his boss and the spirit of Free Radio. 
Written and produced by Chrichan, i.e. Lennart "Rock Chrichan" Christiansson. 
The B-side Moss lilla Olof - which means "Goodbye little Olof". Little Olof is no other than, at this time, minister of communication,
Olof Palme. Later Prime Minister of Sweden!
Listen to: Viva Britt Wadner
Listen to: Moss Lilla Olof

Radio Syd theme tune

Theme tune

The Radio Syd theme tune Så länge skutan kan gå by Gustaf Torrestad.

Rock Chrichan Rock Chrichan in the galley on Cheeta 2.
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